Platform Livelihoods: Working, Trading, Renting, and Creating in Digital Marketplaces

By supporting digital marketplaces, search and advertising, and even social media, digital platforms are changing how individuals around the world find and do work, and how small enterprises and farmers connect with markets. What are the experiences of individual workers and sellers as their livelihoods change? And what are the implications for digital development?

This site hosts original research by Caribou Digital and its research partner, Qhala, conducted in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation. It also curates broader research from the digital development community.

The quality and experience of platform livelihoods: A literature review for digital development ​

Explore the report results based on platform livelihood types such as delivery drivers, or freelancers; explore by platform livelihood elements such as inclusion, or flexibility; or explore by crosscutting theme such as gender, or rurality

Platform Livelihoods and COVID-19: Young People's Stories of Resilience

These 11 people offer important insights into the reality of work on digital platforms. By sharing their stories, they also validate the struggles of millions like them who are surviving and thriving even during COVID-19.