Quality of Youth Experiences – Kenya

What is it like to be a young platform worker or seller in Kenya in 2020?

With support of the Mastercard Foundation, Qhala and Caribou Digital are conducting in-depth qualitative interviews with 78 young women and men pursuing four kinds of platform livelihoods: Logistics and delivery, creatives, farmers, and microentrepreneurs.  

The experiences of workers and sellers in these platform livelihood types are not as well documented as some others in, for example, ride hailing, micro work, and freelancing. But each promises a pathway to new livelihood, each comes with a different set of challenges and experiences for individuals.

The interviews will draw upon and further elaborate on the platform livelihoods experience elements we developed in the framework.

Check back with us in early 2021 for 14 detailed profiles, videos, and the results of stakeholder consultations in Kenya and amongst the international community around how these new studies can inform the digital development community.