Related Work

Three of Caribou Digital’s Medium channels provide discussions and analysis of platform livelihoods.

A variety of research groups and civil society organizations are contributing to the broader conversations around platform work and platform sales in the Global South. 

Partnership for Finance in a Digital Africa
Microentrepreneurs in the Platform Era
Earlier work by Caribou Digital that looks specifically at platform sales in Kenya
Caribou Digital
Platform-Led Upskilling
Explores how platforms around the world upskill individual workers and sellers, even outside a traditional employer – employee relationship
Tufts University
Are new jobs good jobs?
Various writings from Julie Zollmann’s Ph.D. project on ‘good’ platform work in Kenya
Oxford Internet Institute and the ILO
“Fairwork is committed to highlighting best and worst practices in the emerging platform economy. In a partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), [It has] brought together platforms, workers, trade unions, regulators, and academics to set global principles of fair work in the platform economy.”
International Labour Organization
Digital Platforms and the Future of Work
The ILO is a rich source of research and policy guidance on livelihoods and “digital platforms”
University of Manchester
Development Implications of Digital Economies (DIODE) Strategic Research Network
Dozens of researchers sharing insights about digitization and platformization in the Global South
cenfri and Finmark Trust
Insight2Impact – Platforms Research
Several studies of platform work in sub-Saharan Africa
Future of Work in the Global South
Studies and a knowledge network on platformization and the future of work
IT for Change
Platforms Research
A long-running and generative set of studies and policy analyses on platformization and the Global South. For an overview see “Platform Planet”
Digital Economy Report 2019
Broad analysis of links between platformization, value creation, and equitable and inclusive development
iWorkers and Livelihoods
BFA’s studies in this area link ‘superplatorms’ to the livelihoods of MSEs and individual platform workers
Research ICT Africa
Platform research at Research ICT Africa
Research ICT Africa has authored several analyses of how platformization impacts livelihoods in sub Saharan Africa
Future of Work, and SMEs research at LIRNEasia
LIRNEasia has produced several analysis of the impacts of platformization on livelihoods in S. Asia and beyond