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Social agriculture refers to the ways farmers use social media to support their agricultural livelihoods. From information exchange on social platforms to finding support in online communities to reaching new markets, social agriculture is taking off in countries with a high proportion of their workforce in agriculture. 

In this work we ask: What is ‘social agriculture’, and why should we care? We found numerous examples around the world of people engaged in different aspects of social agriculture — from selling livestock on social media in Egypt, and Facebook Farming Info groups in Kenya with 100,000+ members, to multi-channel farmer protest movements in India, and live-streaming pomegranate farmers in China. 

We’ve published a lit review, an ecosystem report, a series of videos, a qualitative report, and a key takeaways report. 

Social Agriculture in the News: BBC World Service, Business Daily

Released On: 20 Oct 2022. Available for over a year.
The BBC’s Sam Fenwick covers Social Agriculture. Hear from small-scale farmers in Kenya who are using apps like What’sApp, Facebook and Instagram to share information about the best way to grow produce and sell directly to consumers. 


Get an up close look at Social Agriculture and people’s experiences in our documentary by Habitus Insight. This farmer-led, farmer-told film depicts how social media platforms and agriculture are intersecting. You’ll find the film here, and on our YouTube channel.

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