Stanley, the ex platform worker

An on-demand cleaner whose work dwindled to nothing, forcing him to return to his village | Kakamega, Kenya

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"My dream is to have a suitable home for my family and to ensure they get all they need."

Stanley had been connecting to cleaning jobs through Kenyan on-demand platform, Lynk. Good at what he does, he was regularly commissioned as a professional cleaner for various clients in Nairobi. COVID-19 took this away and turned his life upside down. Stanley’s story surfaces some of the most contentious issues around platform work. He considered his arrangement with Lynk a “job” and states that in the future he would want the security of a two-year contract. This shows clearly how expectations and norms from workers do not align with the reality of how platforms operate, which is increasingly also becoming a legal and policy gray area. Watch the video to see how Stanley turned the loss of this platform work into an opportunity.


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