5 platform workers share their stories

We highlight stories of five platform workers who share their experiences, including how they started this work, what digital practices they employ, how they run their business during COVID-19, and challenges faced in this type of work.



Explore study findings on each sector

Farmers – Formal marketplaces, social agriculture through social media channels, social support via online groups 

Logistics  – Fast-paced work, driven by the algorithm. Structured weekly earnings, support in bookkeeping, budgeting, and saving.

Creatives – Digital channels as a source of inspiration, distribution, and a platform to educate audiences on the value of art.

MSEs – Experiences with platform sales (via formal marketplaces, social commerce, paid and free online advertising).

Crosscutting themes – Reflection on cross-cutting themes around rurality, gender, inclusion for differently-abled people, and fractional work.

This platform livelihoods research was conducted by Qhala in collaboration with Caribou Digital and in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation.